Abstract Landscape

Hidden Light

This was my submission to Rice Lake’s Artscape on main the first year they ran the program. In an effort to add some color to the downtown area, the main street committee indentured the artistic talent of local to produce banners for display on the lamp post through out the summer. 2006 was the first year of this program and it had some problems. The banner supplier gave the committee indoor banners and after a good heavy rain a majority of the banners were ruined. So digital prints were made from the photos taken on out door banner material. At the end of summer the banners were auctioned off with the proceeds going to refund the program a portion going to an art scholarship fund. It was a good experience overall, except  that when a fellow artist and me asked about recovering our rain damaged pieces we were denied with some illogical excuse. I am sure they were disposed of by now, but it does bother me why they would deny us receipt of the artwork that was of no use to them anymore.

Acrylic on banner

Current status: MIA