Questions, no the title is not a typo it refers to the ton of questions on the mind of humans that lead to worry. The mind races. What if? Who did it? How can I? Why does it? Where am I?  When do I? We all worry and worry makes us sick and we lose sleep, all from the stress of worry.  Worry is caused by fear, when we can learn to be unafraid we can stop the worry.
The sparse tree symbolizes the life that we lose from constant worry.  The birds in flight are worries about the way that adds to our stress. They are thoughts that swarm, dive, and peck at our mind, causing it to swim with meaningless winds of despair. Our subject is naked and alone, with a blank stare that sees nothing but angst.  The feeling of hopelessness pulls at his face accelerating his age. The time spent worrying disrupts the body’s signals for nourishment so he becomes sickly and skeletal in appearance. Slowly the worry eats at his soul until nothing is left of who he really is or was meant to be.

Ink on Paper
Original: $70.00
Creation Date: Aug 2008
Availability: Original and prints

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