An adventure from the days when men were rough and tough. Hunters are sent on a mission to acquire substance for the tribe. They stalk the deer quietly in stealth mode, matching the moves of their prey like pieces on a chessboard.  The prey has not noticed the hunters on their trail, continue grazing without a care. Hunter one launches his spear with the force of a rocket, slaying the deer closet to him. Frightened by the sound of his friend’s death the second deer disappears in an explosion of grass and dirt, shooting through the brush at the edge of the forest. Two warriors, two deer, one kill. The mission is successful enough, an all-night party down feast celebrates the momentous occasion. The memory of the day is documented by the great hunter upon the stone wall of his cave for eternity. A reminder for all his days, of his glorious first kill as a young hunter.

Painted with acrylic on canvas, texture added with sawdust.
Measures 40 inches by 24 inches.
Gallery stretched on pine 1×2 inch and ready to hang.
Sold and valued at $1,920.00
Interested parties should contact us
Prints available.

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